A little about Spirit Mama.

As a mother of three, I believe children are divine gifts entrusted to us. It is our mission to raise them up to their highest potential and in doing so we discover how powerful we truly are as human beings. I understand the day-to-day struggles of parenthood, but also know that within that pile of messy toys and sticky hands we can learn the most valued lessons in life.

"An open hearted exploration, celebration and joyous appreciation of parenthood."

I invite you, through this site to recognize the opportunity to grow and become the Ultimate You through the the process of being a parent. It is my honor to share with you ways to find gratitude in mundane tasks and offer simple ways to connect with the spirit of your children so that you may be inspired to do the same.

Finding the Middle Ground

Are you a deeply sensitive person? Can you sense the emotions of others around you? Do you tend to give energy away by doing, or expressing what you think others expect from you? Is your happiness affected by the reaction of others? Do you feel let down when others don’t meet your expectations? Emotional sensitivity [...]

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The Rainbow Connection

Rainbows have always dazzled me. That marvelous arch of brilliance brings joy and magic to the mundane. Rainbows have moved multitudes for millennia to experience a shift in perspective, sentiment and reaction. Today rainbows have inspired me to see  how we can rise from solitude to community…from criticism to connection. In an ever increasing competitive [...]

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A Victory in Learning

My son had been struggling with reading all year long. Being a sensitive child, he is very much aware of that fact. During a yearly educational progress meeting I sat and listened to the teacher’s observations.  It was interesting because there was an overarching theme present. Each instructor related he seemed tense and doubtful of [...]

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Cater”Pillars” of Change


After lots of hearty requests from my 6 year old daughter, I finally purchased a group of caterpillars. I would have braced myself had I known the trajectory my emotions would take as they underwent their process. The tiny bugs finally arrived and we welcomed them into their new home….my laundry room. A room the [...]

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Two Fold Lesson

Frustrated Mom

Let’s face it, some days are easier than others as a parent. Yesterday was one of those not so easy days. Actually….it was a day that although terribly frustrating begged me to place attention on what needed to shift. From the time my son set foot in our home yesterday, he refused to cooperate. It [...]

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Children enjoy the journey

With leash in hand, I was ready for my daily walk with my dog. I liked the idea of going outside and shaking off excess stress while pounding the pavement, step by step. I liked that it took me 5 minutes to walk my dog. It gave me time to get home and accomplish all [...]

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Children are “plugged in” to their parents

I recently went through a challenging time in my life, where I was forced to look at certain relationships with greater awareness. During this process, I faced my shadows, which unfortunately brought anger, hurt, and pain. As much as I wanted to shield this very real experience from my children, I could not because children [...]

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What do you love to do?

While speedily getting my son ready for karate class he began excitingly talking about his next belt test and how he wants to advance to the next level. Completely disconnected from him,  I was simply interested in getting him to class on time. I then began thinking about how my children’s after school activities interfere [...]

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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

As the apple picking season here in the Northeast comes to a close and the leaves burst into  their fiery plummet to the ground I  reflect on the splendor that is Nature. My family and I make our yearly trip to pick apples and pumpkins at the orchard, which always puts us all in a [...]

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