Believe: Making rainbows out of Thin Air


     Last year, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Prior to this date we began discussing the possibility of taking a trip to Hawaii as this was our honeymoon destination. We talked about this possibility with our two older children who were 4 and 5 at the time. They wanted to know why going to Hawaii would be better than going to Disney. It was a tough sell. I began describing the natural beauty that is found in Hawaii including the waterfalls and rainbows that appear in the sky quite often. My daughter especially loved the idea of being able to see a rainbow since she had never seen a rainbow before; neither of my kids had. I also realized that I had not seen a rainbow since Hawaii ten years prior. I remembered how as a child I would often see rainbows appear across the sky during summer months and wondered why so many years had passed without coming across one.
   As the days passed my husband and I decided taking a twelve hour flight, from New York to Maui with three children, one of which was an infant might be too taxing. We decided to vacation in Ocean City, Maryland which turned out to be a great time. However…my daughter did not forget about Hawaii and asked if we could go because she wanted to see a rainbow. Just then I realized we didn’t have to go to Hawaii to see a rainbow. We could create one right here in New York!
I asked my children to close their eyes and see a large rainbow using their imagination like watching a movie in their mind. I called out all the colors of  a rainbow….ROYGBIV.
They seemed to enjoy using their imagination to see a rainbow in their mind. At the end of their little visualization I suggested that one day soon they would see a real  rainbow. They did not question this idea. It was easy for them to Believe it could be possible. We went about our days without asking when we would see a rainbow.
      Less than a month later, my daughter was having a rough day. She was cranky and became irritated very easily. I was on my way back from the grocery store  when it started to drizzle ever so slightly and within about a minute it stopped. I looked up as I was driving and there, right in front of my eyes was a huge rainbow across the sky above my house. My husband and children happened to have been outside awaiting my return. I exclaimed, “I see a rainbow” as I pulled into my driveway. They had not seen it yet. My heart filled up with joy as I took in this vision. I’m not sure how this rainbow came about or why but I do know that my heart lit up when I saw it and my daughter’s disposition became so much brighter once she saw that rainbow. She in fact said she KNEW  she would see one.
    I invite you to co-create the world you want to see by closing your eyes and believing. I am not suggesting that you will see pink elephants on parade but maybe, just maybe you will start to see things appear that fill you up with joy. Just believe and let the universe do the rest. Share this with your children as their capacity to believe will help you along the way. They will show you how to drop those self-limiting beliefs that we adults so often become riddled with. You have the power of manifestation. Use it wisely!!
Many Blessings

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