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Fear can be an overwhelming emotion. For me, as I begin a new journey into the world of social media I can feel the grips of fear taking hold of my heart.  As I breath in the thought of  writing my first blog post the creative force begins shutting down beneath me.” What am  I afraid of ?” I find  myself  asking.  ”Why am I shrinking away at the idea of a new creative endeavor?” It is the fear of rejection, criticism, and failure. So what do I do about it?

I looked away from my fear for a second and decided to start a project with my daughter. I asked my 5 year-old to paint a picture for me of what she thinks fear looks like on a person’s heart and what healing the fear looks like. I asked her to express the fear and healing in the form of colors. She pondered it for a few seconds and agreed. She finished the art work quite quickly and happily. That was the easy part!! You see, my daughter is a perfectionist when it comes to Her  own artwork. The picture she created was not her idea, it was mine. It was not subject to the same criticism because it was free from any attachment by her. She then began a struggled venture into the realm of creating her own work. She painted, repainted, tore up, cried, judged and did not by any stretch enjoy her creative process. “My daughter is a mirror of me,” I thought!! She could not finish her work just as I had enormous trepidation about mine. I tried my best to quiet her down and give her some space. She calmed down after a bit and went about her merry way. My daughter struggling with her creative project as I did my own was instrumental in seeing exactly what my fear did to me. It was holding me back from reaching my heart’s desire.

Fear, an emotion meant to alert us to ensuing threat or danger is meant to spring us into action, either fight, flight or, in my case freeze!!!  We are not meant to be creative and in the flow when we are in fear. This can be helpful to us when we are in real threat or danger as our instincts take over to keep us safe.  It is not helpful to us when we are simply taking steps in the direction of our goals. At times, fear is created by the ego mind. How many times have you been stricken with “nervous tension” when you are about to stretch your limits? I know I have. What do we do with that tension? I have been caught many a time reaching for those crunchy treats in an attempt to ward off that fear. What do you use as a distraction when you feel fear? Is it shopping, texting, drinking, complaining? The list can be endless. Most fears will never come to fruition but in most cases its those very fears that overshadow our ability to experience life to the the fullest. I was unwilling to look the fear of criticism squarely in the face and therefore it came right back at me in the form of my daughter’s outbursts. While getting stuck in the trap of inaction, I was served my own fears on a silver platter. Fear is not a fiery beast. It is a thought form  fueled by emotion that needs to be examined. In my case, the gripping fear had to do with the fear of criticism and rejection.

It was time to reflect on this darkness I was holding in my body. I decided to go full force into the shadowy cave wreaking havoc on my joy. I made a list of all the fears I associated with writing a blog.  I then closed my eyes and pictured a lovely pink light encapsulating each one. I wrapped each fear with so much pink light that it all dissolved before me. I did this until all that was left was this beautiful pink light.  My body calmed down. Later that day my daughter approached me, asking if she could finish her art. This time I prepped her by saying that having fun is the best part of creating anything. She smiled and created a beautiful painting without all the drama. She created from her heart as I began to move in the direction of my own heart. It is one of my goals  to pass the torch of self actualization onto my children. I hope to wave the flag of victory and usher them into the land where dreams do come true.

What are your heart’s desires? What are your fears? Do your fears get in the way of action? I lovingly nudge you in the direction of fulfilling your heart’s desires. I will create from within  the freedom zone, where all expectations are suspended…..will you?

Mediation to Dissolve Fear

Preparation: Create a chart with four columns: “Goals,” “Fears,”" Beliefs that support fears,”and “Body Part.” Think about and write down a goal you might have in the “Goal” section. Write down any fears you have associated with working towards or accomplishing that goal in the “Fear” section. Are these fears irrational? If they are irrational then keep them on your list. If they are realistic, ask yourself how you can be more cautious. If you are not sure, ask a friend or family member to help you. What self-limiting beliefs or thought patterns keep you stuck? Write those self-limiting beliefs in the “Beliefs that support fears” section.  Where in your body do you experience this fear, i.e. tension in the  belly, aching in the lower back?  Write that down in the “Body Part” section. Also, think about what you do to distract yourself from experiencing the fear. You may write this down at the bottom of the page so as to bring it into your awareness. Keep these ideas present in your mind as you begin the mediation. Take one fear and it’s associated belief/body part (if you can) and focus on it. If you are unable to pinpoint a specific region of the body then just focus on the fear. Work on each fear separately or all at once. You can do this meditation more than once to target the different fears or any remaining resonance you may have.

Meditation: Sit quietly and close your eyes. Take three easy breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Begin to imagine a soothing pink light approaching you from above your head. Allow this light to penetrate all the layers of your mind. Let its loving force stream down your temples, relaxing the muscles in your face and jaw. Stream this light down the front and back of your neck, easing any tension. Bring this pink soothing light down into your heart space, gently resting it there. Wrap this light around your back, down into your belly, hips, lower back and let it slide down your thighs, encircling your knees. Flow it down past your shins into your ankles, circulating through your feet and toes. Connect the light into the core of the earth for grounding and stabilization. Bring the light back up your body into your heart space. Let let the light grow and add to the love you hold in your heart. Now focus your attention on the goal you have with each associated fear. Where is the fear located in your body? Send the loving pink energy held in your heart into the fear. Wrap it, dissolve it, and set it free as you breath. Do this with each fear until only Love exists. Send the loving light energy back through your heart and up  your back, neck, and above your head  where it can be called upon any time you need it. Slowly open your eyes when you are ready and come back into your day.

Do this as many times as you need. You may want to work on one fear at a time.

Now ask yourself…….What action steps can I take in the direction of my dream? Take that information into your freedom zone and fly with it.

Many Blessings!!!

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