How our Children Gift Us

I was standing at the front desk at the dreaded dentist’s office with my 18-month-old daughter on my hip. Here I was reluctantly setting up an appointment to have a root canal done when I expressed my trepidation  to the assistant. She immediately stopped what she was doing and looked straight at my daughter who looking straight at me. The assistant then said, “Do me a favor, look at your daughter and tell me what her eyes  are saying  to you right now?” Before I could answer she said, “She believes you can do anything!” In that moment , as I looked at my daughter and this wise assistant I understood. My daughter, in her silence was giving me strength. It was written in her eyes but I was unaware. I received this blessing both from my enlightened daughter and this perceptive assistant. She became a loving bridge between me and my daughter. I thanked her for her wisdom and I took in this knowing as a gift. With appointment in my pocket,  I walked away.

Our children rely on us to fulfill many of their needs especially when they are very small. In meeting these needs a bond is set. This bond contributes to our children creating a belief about us. They believe we can do anything. Perhaps even, that we have supernatural powers. This is an endearing trait our children posses. I was not aware, nor did I appreciate frankly how this dynamic affected me, however. How it boosted my self-esteem. How, countless times believed was  funny because my children were cracking up at my funny faces. How I believed I was a great cook because my children loved the food I prepared. How I believed I was a Master artist because I made a unicorn with playdough that my children marveled at. How I stretched my limits, becoming brave, patient and focused because I didn’t want to let my children down. Countless times, I amaze my children and that gives me energy.  Our children are powerful and loving life-coaches. They are always in our corner and that is a priceless gift. One that comes with responsibility. A responsibility to be the best we can be and believe in ourselves the way they believe in us!

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