Children are “plugged in” to their parents

I recently went through a challenging time in my life, where I was forced to look at certain relationships with greater awareness. During this process, I faced my shadows, which unfortunately brought anger, hurt, and pain. As much as I wanted to shield this very real experience from my children, I could not because children are extremely connected to their parent’s energy. One particular day, I was coming up against some intense anger that needed to be released. I did not take the time to flow this energy out of me and there it sat until my daughter came home from school. Within a few minutes of being in my presence, she became this little being filled with rage, throwing tantrum after tantrum. She eventually calmed down with lots of love and patience sent her way. Later that night, my son, who had witnessed the drama asked why his sister behaved that way? I said, “your sister is very sensitive.” His response was, ” she has a plug in you mommy.” I said, “that is exactly right.”
That night, I made sure to clear my energy by releasing the negative energy. I cleared all of my children as well. I realized then how important it is for me to stay healthy and balanced. Children pick up our feelings so easily and sometimes don’t know how to process them. During challenging times, it becomes even more important to draw out negativity often. Keep your energy clean for the sake of your children, especially if they are under 10 years old. I offer this meditation to assist you in releasing negative emotions.


Sit quietly and allow the space for all the muscles in your body to relax and release all tension. Begin to imagine a white light from above your head moving towards you. This light is here to clear you of anything that might be holding you back. It is here to take away anything that is not for your highest good. Allow your body, mind, and spirit to align with this light. This light is streaming through your whole being, washing away any residue of pain, tension and any lower energies. It could be emotions, it could be thoughts, it could be situations. Begin to allow yourself to give away all that is no longer serving you. It is safe to let go. Move this light through every cell of your body beginning with your head, your face, your neck, shoulders, down your arms, chest, heart, your upper, middle, and lower back, through your abdomen, belly, hips, down the legs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, and feet.

This light has now picked up all the debris that you have given away. Now allow this light to cleanse this lower energy through the center of the earth. Draw your attention to the base of your spine and allow yourself to imagine a line connecting you from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. This is where all of the debris will be transmuted and transformed. Imagine the light sliding down this line towards the center of the earth, carrying with it all that no longer serves you. Experience how much lighter you feel. This light is now traveling back up the line from the center of the earth through your body and up towards the heavens. It is complete.

P.S.   You can imagine this visualization for your children. Go through the same steps but visualize clearing them if they are going through a difficult time.

Many Blessings!


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