Children enjoy the journey

With leash in hand, I was ready for my daily walk with my dog. I liked the idea of going outside and shaking off excess stress while pounding the pavement, step by step. I liked that it took me 5 minutes to walk my dog. It gave me time to get home and accomplish all my other “To dos.” My 18-month-old daughter, however seeing me get ready to go with her favorite furry friend let me know she wanted to participate. I couldn’t say no. She took my hand and we were off. So now, instead of walking at a steady rate we three took our time because my little one was the Captain of this ship. She grabbed the leash and about  every 3 steps walked, she became distracted by a neighbor’s flower pot or interesting rock, or a leaf. There were endless fascinating possibilities on this walk….holding this leash. At first, I found myself getting inpatient and wanting to push forward towards some imagined destination, but then something shifted in me. I saw how much fun my little one was having. I instantly entered my daughter’s world and left all my prior expectations of what it is to take the dog for a walk. My baby was teaching me that I can take in my surroundings and really experience them before passing them by. She was living in the “now” and I joined her. We explored everything she pointed to or walked towards and it was fun. We talked and laughed with neighbors who shared these moments with us. We were happy with our 45 minute walk that took us only to the corner of my street. We saw a lot in that time.  We captured moments and reveled in the now. It was no longer about how much I could walk or get done afterwards. It was actually about taking in life and appreciating all there is to offer. This is what my spirit was craving.

Take in your surroundings. Put your “to do” list aside and experience your day for a little while. Look people in the eye and ask them how they are doing. Explore what your spirit wants and enjoy the journey.

Many Blessings!!

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