The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree

As the apple picking season here in the Northeast comes to a close and the leaves burst into  their fiery plummet to the ground I  reflect on the splendor that is Nature. My family and I make our yearly trip to pick apples and pumpkins at the orchard, which always puts us all in a great place. The children race through the lines of trees as my husband and I delicately select the “best” apples to include in our apple pie. However, what makes the most impact on our souls is the simple act of communing with nature. The trees seem to invite us to bask in their splendor. There is no greed, judgement or witholding amongst those trees. Many of the limiting beliefs that plague my mind seem to become unhinged and fall away. This knowing  prompts a deep honoring of our Mother, Earth.

I am also reminded of the well-known children’s book, The Giving Tree by Shel  Silverstein. If you have not read it you can read it online here . This book never fails to bring tears to my eyes. In this book, Shel Silverstein gives voice to an apple tree who has a relationship  with a boy that passes through the many stages of his life. The boy starts off playing in the leaves, climbing the branches and resting on the trunk of his friend. As the book continues we see the boy venturing into “worldly” desires and in doing so takes from the tree without taking the time to cultivate their once splendid relationship. Through the years, the boy distances himself from the joy filled moments he reveled in as a child in exchange for seeking out worldly things.  All the while, the tree, always giving, always loving, always waiting, never judging and always willing to nurture this boy. In the end, the boy is too tired, too old, and too weary to enjoy what is left of the tree…..a stump.

This book calls attention to our removal as a society from the goodness that is this earth. It also asks us to remember  that we all are a living part of this earth, connected to all living things. Our spirits do seek to commune with nature, should we listen. Our souls call us to connect with the natural beauty that is all around us. This beauty  is always ready to give and is not afraid to express its Love for us. It does not judge our imperfections. Only giving, only healing. What a gift!!! We only need take it and witness the smile that comes across our face. Let go of worldly things for a moment and connect with the Life that is within and around you!! Experience it as the children do and you will be filled up.

Many Blessings!


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