What do you love to do?

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While speedily getting my son ready for karate class he began excitingly talking about his next belt test and how he wants to advance to the next level. Completely disconnected from him,  I was simply interested in getting him to class on time. I then began thinking about how my children’s after school activities interfere with cooking dinner, laundry, and various other chores. I asked him which of his various after school activities he likes best in an attempt to find out how we could simplify our schedule. He was not gonna let this be easy. He insisted he liked all his after school activities and had no interest in cutting anything out.  I then said, “well which activity do you really love?”  His response was, “I love them all.” Then he said, “What do you love to do mommy?”  Just then, I realized he shifted into the role as “my teacher.” He understood first hand the joys and thrills of engaging in a a fun-filled activity. This type of energy was lacking in me!!! My 6-year-old son zoomed in on my lack of joy. I filled my schedule up with “have to dos”and left little to no room for “want to dos.”  I invested so much time and energy into exploring and nurturing  joy in my children that I had forgotten about me. If I am to be an excellent role model for my children then I should follow my son’s advice. My response to my wisdom keeper was….”I need to figure out what I love to do……thank you.”

What came to mind as I began reflecting on this idea was my own youth. I became lost in memories of me dancing and joyfully whirling about as a little girl. About how exuberant I was, much like my son. Just then, I felt my eyes fill up with tears as I connected with this part of myself that had long been neglected. She was sad and wanted expression. She wanted to dance. There was my answer. I needed to dance. The answer was simple as soon as I tapped into this aspect of myself, my inner child. What wisdom does your inner child hold?

Children naturally have access to joy because their bodies resonate at a higher rate. They are more connected to their source because it is natural. We remain this way until we are programmed by outside influences to shut it down at varying degrees.  Through the years, we sometimes suppress this version of ourselves as we emulate the adults around us. We  also neglect it as we become “responsible,” completing task after task until we become too tired to do anything but sit on the couch. Accessing higher levels of joy by doing what we love,  even for a short time actually supplies us with vibrancy. I invite you to revisit this aspect of yourself by engaging in this meditation.

Meditation to Access Joy

Preparation: have a pen and paper next to you so you may write down any discoveries.

Sit comfortably and begin to focus on your breath as you easily draw in air through your nose and release through your mouth. Relax the muscles of your face and neck as you create an easy stream of breathing in and out of your body. Relax and let go of any tension in your jaw, bringing your attention down your chest and upper back as you melt away any tension there. Draw your focus to your heart area and mid back as you support your body in releasing tension and anything that may be holding you back. Focus now on your belly and lower back, allowing your body to unfasten any stress. Release all worries. Bring your attention to your hips and thighs, drawing out any harsh energy. Breath deeply as you bring your attention down your legs and around your knees, smoothing out your muscles. Now bring your focus to you shins and ankles. Finally, bring your awareness to your feet and empty out any tension there. Now bring your complete focus to your heart. Wrap yourself inside the walls of your heart and meet the child that is within you. Wrap your arms around him/her and send them your heartfelt love and gratitude for their presence. Allow this child to show you what they love to do. What makes them sing with joy? Listen…..thank this beautiful child and give them a loving embrace.

What did you discover? Now go forward with this information and be joyful!

Many Blessings!!


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