Commitment to Service

The recent Memorial Day holiday brought me in touch with two characteristics; commitment and service. Those who have served and continue to serve in the armed forces embody what it means to serve with commitment. Enlisting in the military means signing off on a commitment to do what it takes to protect our country. There is something to be said for the willingness to sacrifice personal comforts, amenities, familiar people/places, etc. It speaks to the strong moral value of steadfast commitment. Not the kind of frivolous commitment that dissipates in a fleeting moment of fear. It is the warrior like commitment that plants itself in the earth and stays put until the dust clears and it is time to go home.  To those in the military it means confronting that their very existance is on the line in the name of service. It means facing a very real fear of death and finding the courage to rise above it.

It has been over one year since my last post. One year since I have entered a word on this page. One year since I have nurtured the spark that initiated the creative offering that is Spiritmamma. I remember the enthusiasm with which I began my writing and how quickly it fizzled. I heard those around me warn that it is difficult to keep up with the writing…to stay dedicated to the craft. I ignored those words. I believed I was above that.

Where was I this past year? I have been avoiding putting pen to paper. I realize now I am not immune to becoming distracted and falling short of being fully committed to carving out a space. A space for joy to unfurl within me and spiral out into the world. It took me one year to finally realize how important it is to nurture the dream so that it may not only stay alive but thrive. Commitment means setting aside actual time to allow for magic to happen. It means practicing the craft so that it can grow to what it is meant to be. We must allow ourselves to be guided by the universe to take action and then do what it takes……take action. I trust that those nudges to communicate lessons I learn along the way are instructions from something larger than myself. The  Universe needs me to engage in the activity that will anchor in that wisdom into the world. To be of service means coming into alignment with commitment. So let’s all man up and partner with the universe to make things happen.

Do you feel a nudge to be of service? Do you struggle with staying committed to a particular path?

Here are the lessons I learned about commitment and service from the brave souls who serve this country:

  • Be clear about the direction you wish to go and hit the track.

What is your personal vision of success? Clarity sometimes takes time to emerge. Setting the intention for clarity to crystalize does help. Set aside five minutes a day for clarity to crystalize. Pick any area of your life that you wish to gain clarity on. It could be designating time while you wash the dishes or drive home. Say the word clarity out loaded then wait. Pay attention to the thoughts, visions, words, sensations that arise within you. It could take a few tries. Remember to have patience. Things don’t always happen instantly. Once you are clear, take action. Begin to create space for your vision to take shape. Things don’t happen by themselves. You need to do the work it takes for possibilities to materialize.

  • Be steadfast in the face of fear.

Get used to facing your fears; fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of loss of control, fear of power to name a few. Resolve to confront that fear and cultivate bravery. Use the affirmation “I am Brave.” Don’t give up when fear emerges. Become aware of it and keep it moving. Over time it will calm down.


  • Be willing to sacrifice.

Take stock of the areas in your life that could use some trimming down. What activity could you afford to be without? Let it go and replace it with your new commitment. Remember that personal sacrifice can teach us about what is actually important to us.


Here’s to you and your personal vision of success! Let me know how your efforts are going. Post a comment.

Much Love;)



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