A Victory in Learning

My son had been struggling with reading all year long. Being a sensitive child, he is very much aware of that fact. During a yearly educational progress meeting I sat and listened to the teacher’s observations.  It was interesting because there was an overarching theme present. Each instructor related he seemed tense and doubtful of himself. More than one teacher recounted times when he used the words, “I can’t do it.” I asked the question, “Do you think his level of stress and diminished confidence could be getting in the way of his learning?”  It occurred to me in that moment that targeting his stress and implementing positive self-talk would help him learn.The teachers did not have an answer.

We began a nightly meditation routine that included a simple guided light streamingg exercise and we topped it  off with a series of positive affirmations. I also researched safe herbal supplements for children to promote relaxation. After implementing a nightly dose for seven days I reached out to my son’s classroom teacher. I asked her to let me know if she had noticed any significant changes in Peter’s overall performance in school. I emphasized to only report significant changes. I wanted to test out my plan.  She was the key person who could give valuable feedback. Within a few days of sending the email, she responded.

“Happy note to you for Peter’s performance and behavior.”

“He has had a great week! Participation, focusing, listening to directions and performance is applauded!”

“I felt the need to reach out to you and let you know!  I am very proud of Peter!”

It was working! I was extremely pleased and relieved by her remarks. I have been continuing with the nightly routine. He has been able to jump 2-3 reading levels in one month.  He is much more willing to sit down and do his homework every day. More willing because he is feeling  more confident about his ability to learn and carry out his work. He is beginning to form a brand new image of himself as a student. One which includes “I Can do it.” I imagine that as he achieves more success his tension will be a lowered to a point where herbal supplementation will not be necessary. The additions were a boost he needed to help set things in motion and create a shift.



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