The Rainbow Connection

Rainbows have always dazzled me. That marvelous arch of brilliance brings joy and magic to the mundane. Rainbows have moved multitudes for millennia to experience a shift in perspective, sentiment and reaction. Today rainbows have inspired me to see  how we can rise from solitude to community…from criticism to connection.

In an ever increasing competitive world how do we stand out above the rest yet maintain humility? How do we shine without outshining? I’d like to offer a colorful framework . Borrowing from the beloved muppet Kermit the frog who made melodious the words, Rainbow Connection, I ask you to create the same.

Envision a rainbow, with all its splendid hues. Would the rainbow be the same without the color red? No it would not. Each color lends a specific vibration within the rainbow, contributing to the whole, yet stands on its own. Be your color and acknowledge all that you have to offer. If the color orange decided it wanted to be more like blue, then orange would cease to exisit…and so would blue. Don’t muddy yourself up with comparisons to others. Each of us walks individually on this earth. When we find the rainbow connection we walk beside others, each uniquely offering yet complimenting the rest. All colors in a rainbow shine bright, creating harmony. Be the rainbow and the color that is you. Shine your light brightly. If you see signs of muddiness through comparison or judgement  remind yourself that you have a responsibility to be yourself.

Allow yourself to stand next to someone else’s shining light.  Know that you are shining just as bright. You are just as brilliant. Offer a compliment to someone and as you do so repeat the word “rainbow” to yourself.  If you see a quality in someone else you wish to emulate then go for it.  Just drop the  judgemt of self and others.  I offer this as a tool to settle the ego down and get into the wisdom of what is ever present…..Unity

So go ahead, place the rainbow in your heart and use it as a personal reminder to be your brilliant self..

In the spirit of “praise,” please accept a compliment.

“You are an amazing gift to this world.”

Take that fully into your heart.

Many Blessings,


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