Cater”Pillars” of Change


After lots of hearty requests from my 6 year old daughter, I finally purchased a group of caterpillars. I would have braced myself had I known the trajectory my emotions would take as they underwent their process. The tiny bugs finally arrived and we welcomed them into their new home….my laundry room. A room the [...]

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Children are “plugged in” to their parents

I recently went through a challenging time in my life, where I was forced to look at certain relationships with greater awareness. During this process, I faced my shadows, which unfortunately brought anger, hurt, and pain. As much as I wanted to shield this very real experience from my children, I could not because children [...]

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Letting go of our Little Ones

Sticky fingers

It was the first day of school for my children and many others. Off went 2 of my 3 children to  a full day of school.  For the first time in years I would have some space for me!! As I basked in the permeating quietude of the moment,  my eyes rested upon a glass coffee table [...]

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Facing Fear

  Fear can be an overwhelming emotion. For me, as I begin a new journey into the world of social media I can feel the grips of fear taking hold of my heart.  As I breath in the thought of  writing my first blog post the creative force begins shutting down beneath me.” What am [...]

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