A little about Spirit Mama.

As a mother of three, I believe children are divine gifts entrusted to us. It is our mission to raise them up to their highest potential and in doing so we discover how powerful we truly are as human beings. I understand the day-to-day struggles of parenthood, but also know that within that pile of messy toys and sticky hands we can learn the most valued lessons in life.

"An open hearted exploration, celebration and joyous appreciation of parenthood."

I invite you, through this site to recognize the opportunity to grow and become the Ultimate You through the the process of being a parent. It is my honor to share with you ways to find gratitude in mundane tasks and offer simple ways to connect with the spirit of your children so that you may be inspired to do the same.

Letting go of our Little Ones

Sticky fingers

It was the first day of school for my children and many others. Off went 2 of my 3 children to  a full day of school.  For the first time in years I would have some space for me!! As I basked in the permeating quietude of the moment,  my eyes rested upon a glass coffee table [...]

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Facing Fear

  Fear can be an overwhelming emotion. For me, as I begin a new journey into the world of social media I can feel the grips of fear taking hold of my heart.  As I breath in the thought of  writing my first blog post the creative force begins shutting down beneath me.” What am [...]

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Believe: Making rainbows out of Thin Air

     Last year, my husband and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Prior to this date we began discussing the possibility of taking a trip to Hawaii as this was our honeymoon destination. We talked about this possibility with our two older children who were 4 and 5 at the time. They wanted [...]

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How our Children Gift Us

I was standing at the front desk at the dreaded dentist’s office with my 18-month-old daughter on my hip. Here I was reluctantly setting up an appointment to have a root canal done when I expressed my trepidation  to the assistant. She immediately stopped what she was doing and looked straight at my daughter who [...]

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